Road Works & Maintenance

When an asphalt road surface has worn over time and begins to fail due to weather, usage, damage etc., it becomes necessary to repair or rehabilitate using different techniques such as deep lift depending on the condition of the existing asphalt surface and the depth of the problem that needs resolution. Sometimes it is a simple matter to just upgrade the road by applying a fresh asphalt layer to an existing road surface.

The area to be repaired or upgraded is profiled out to the required depth. The profiler cuts through existing asphalt surfaces and creates a neat straight line for the new surface/ patch to be joined. The sub base is checked for any underlying issues such as a poorly prepared sub base or the need for correction of levels for water dispersion. In some cases, it may be necessary for the area to be reinstated with road base to stabilise the area, or to lay geo fabric to reinforce seals under the asphalt. 

Once the sub base has been corrected and compacted, the area is then sprayed with Bitumen Emulsion. This helps to bond the asphalt and the sub base. The area is then paved with asphalt (hot mix) and rolled to the correct compaction. The new asphalt surface is sealed with the existing surface through heat from the mix and compaction from the rollers. A crack sealer can also be used to help the join become water resistant and to prevent cracking. 

Avijohn has completed many road upgrades and repairs. Our crew and equipment have been purpose trained and built to meet the many varied needs of the Councils, developers and private driveways. We are capable of re-instating failed suburban roads, large road upgrades, shoulder widenings, road patching etc., as well as the ever present pothole!

Our focus is on good preparation and quality workmanship. We are always willing to challenge ourselves and ongoing training helps to keep us up to date with the best and latest techniques and products. We aim to always deliver a good quality controlled end product. 

We have upgraded our technology to assist us with delivering a smooth repaired surface.

  • R3 CHS Laser receiving Device.
    • This facility enables laser controlled receivers on the pavers to control and check levels as it moves.
  • Trans Tech PTS333 Temperature Control.
    • These devices are on all of our rollers and ensure the mat (surface) is being rolled at the correct temperature.
  • Paveset.
    • All of our pavers have the capability and computer ports for Paveset.
  • Sonic Tracking Device.
  • Infrared Temperature Gauges.
    • There are 2 of these on each paver and 2 hand held FLUKE62 Mini IR thermometers
  • Wind testers

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