Asphalt (also known as Bitumen or Hot Mix) has been used for paving roadways and surfaces for centuries. It is a mixture primarily made from a semi-solid form of petroleum and various size stone depending on end use requirements. Today this product has been further developed to a variety of grades and thicknesses to meet specific needs for different types of roads, car parks, sports courts etc.

Asphalt is a product that is recognised and used worldwide for  roads and car parks as it provides a smooth surface, reduces noise and is easy to manipulate to create efficient water dispersion; it is a long lasting and cost effective paving surface for roads. Asphalt is recyclable and is easy to maintain and repair.

Avijohn Contracting specialises in asphalt paving and our crew is trained and highly experienced in this specialised field. We pride ourselves on attention to detail whether it is a small repair or a full road reconstruction: Our standards are high and we strive to provide quality workmanship on all projects. Our crew and equipment are capable of executing large asphalt projects (We are RMS qualified to complete asphalt works up to $10m for Local Government and Councils) as well as small projects, such as driveways and footpaths.

We are continually upgrading our equipment and training of staff to meet the demands of our clients. It is important to us to keep up with the latest technology and products so that we can provide the most efficient and quality product possible.

Avijohn Contracting owns 3 different sized asphalt pavers suited to a variety of capabilities and situations: 

  • Sumitomo HA60W-7: This Paver can place hot mix asphalt on surfaces from 2.3m to 6m wide at depths from 10mm – 300mm.  Effectively this paver has the capability to pave the full width of a 2-way roadway in one pass. 
  • Bitelli BB642: This paver is suitable for both large and medium sized jobs and can place hot mix asphalt on surfaces from 2.55m to 1.7m wide.  
  • Bitelli (Caterpillar) BB730.This is our smallest paver and can place hot mix asphalt from 1.8m to 3.2m wide.