Profilers (cold milling machines) are used to remove layers of existing asphalt surfaces to prepare for re surfacing. The removal of the damaged asphalt surface is often essential to achieve a completely even and durable road surface. The damaged asphalt (profilings or spoil) is removed from the area via a discharge conveyor into a truck, leaving behind a level surface for new asphalt (hot mix) to be laid. The depth and width of the area to be profiled is measured by the operator and machine.

 Avijohn has 3 different sized profilers suited to a variety of capabilities and situations.

  • W200 (2 metre wide This profiler is suitable for larger areas where speed and efficiency are paramount and there are no access issues.
  • W100 (1metre wide) This profiler is suitable for small to medium jobs where use of the larger 2 metre machine would be too difficult because access is limited or use of our smaller machine is more cost effective.
  • W500 (500mm wide)  This profiler is suitable for small jobs such as individual patches and where using the larger profiling machines is not feasible such as working under tree canopies along public roads for local councils.

Profilings are recyclable and are often retained by customers for reuse in other areas such as repair of asphalt surfaces or for road fill on or for sprayed asphalt surfaces.


Avijohn’s Profiling machines are available for separate wet hire (Machine and Operator).

To discuss your requirements please contact Nathan Owen on 0400 600 332 or email alternatively please call Michael Kennedy on 0408 620 365.

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